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Message from Jacko

05 December 2014
Message from Jacko Will you adopt this FIV positive cat?

Like 3–6% of healthy UK cats, I have sadly been infected with the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), most likely from having been bitten by another infected cat or from being born to an infected mother. The virus, similar to HIV in people (although FIV does not infect people and HIV does not infect cats) may in many months or years lead to me having a weakened immune system. However, the incubation period before disease develops can last for many, many years.

This means that I may be more susceptible to secondary infections or tumours and may be a risk to other cats. For these reasons, it’s important that I’m kept indoors (separate from FIV negative cats) to protect me from other infectious diseases to which I may be more susceptible and to stop me giving the virus to other cats. The virus does not survive long off an infected cat, so you don’t need to worry that you’d spread the infection to other cats on your hands or clothes.

It’s important that I have regular vaccinations, deflea and deworming treatments and a good diet to give me every chance of a long and happy life.

As an indoor cat I’ll be safe from road accidents and many other outdoor dangers, and will probably be more likely to spend time playing with you than a cat that fulfils its natural hunting instincts and curiosity outside...Thank you for reading this, Brucie xxx”

Indoor cats can make extremely rewarding pets and giving a home to this FIV positive cat may give you both many years of happiness together. We cannot predict if or when this cat’s immune system may be affected and whether disease will develop, but he is currently well and would love the opportunity to come home with you. Will you join one of the hundreds of kind owners who have adopted an FIV positive cat. So many have been given many happy years together.