RoleyLuton, Dunstable & District

Roley, affectionately called Po by one of his foster carers, is a real cuddle cat. He loves to jump up and settle down for a nap in arms. He’s adorable, loveable and very gentle. He’s only 3 years old and still shows his playful kitten side every day. Due to his previous living conditions, Roley hasn’t yet ventured out into the big wide world but is showing a very keen interest to explore all the sights, sounds and smells that new world holds. He is very shy at first, looking for anywhere to hide, but after a day or two when he knows he can trust you he is a true pleasure to have around. He purrs endlessly and loves to be brushed, he is a very cute and healthy 3 year old boy. He is not fussy and is happy with any food and a clean toilet to go to (he is very clean with lovely fur coat). He can live with another well behaved cat but can not live within a family with children or dogs. Roley is best suited to a quiet household where he would be left to explore on his own and without too much noise that would frighten him.

Gender Male
Age 3
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Tabby
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes

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